Friday, April 1, 2011

Update 01

Phew ! It has been quite a week and here i am to document events that have happened over this week and my progress with the project. The SIG lab has provided me with a machine that has CityEngine installed. CityEngine for a newbie is definitely overwhelming. CityEngine has a few awesome examples and for now i would be using the sample cities that are given to me. Thanks to their exporter i can get them exported to FBX and imported to Maya. I will have to break out a really small chunk of the map and see how it plays and get some performance tests done with that before moving further ahead with it.

I also experimented with a few WebGL libraries to make working on this project easier. After playing around with a few of them i've decided to use SpiderGL . I find the library easier to work with and the samples have a lot of work that could help me in my effort.

Rest in the next !

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