Sunday, April 24, 2011

ShowStopper !!!!

It's that time to get extremely nervous and spend all night with coffee tying to get most important bit to work . I'm stuck at an extremely crucial point in my project where it kind of is a show stopper. I've spent nearly 3 days now, in trying to debug / understand the collada importer library i'm using. The problem i'm having is, it just draws one collada file . It treats one file as the scene and does not let me have multiple scene loaded in one canvas frame. I've gotten as far as getting two files into my application, and the first one gets loaded but is immediately over written by the scene that is loaded the last. I have my camera controls, my logic for loading the next grid set up, but i need to be able to load another grid to move forward. I've sought help from the programmers of the library, and trying alternative techniques as well.

Yes ! This is a SHOW STOPPER !!!! Nervousness !!!!! :-|

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